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Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Programs

The standard weight loss program offered through Healthmedica consists of 7 steps.

  • Pre-Treatment assessment
  • Relaxation Treatment
  • Appetite Suppression and Metabolic Treatment
  • Behaviour modification and lifestyle counselling
  • Review of body composition profile
  • Client take home information
  • Booking the next treatment

A final step is a must; for those of you who would like to see faster results, engage in a more active lifestyle. Being more active will build muscles and help burn more calories.

The average weight loss our clients see is a safe 2-3 pounds per week (that’s 8-12 pounds per month). Most notice the loss of inches before the weight.

At Healthmedica we don’t sell special foods, use special diet drugs, or ask you to join a group and have group weigh-ins. This is not a diet; it’s simply a remarkable aid to accelerate the weight loss, by increasing your metabolism and help curb your cravings for bad foods.


In our counselling phase, you will meet with the Weight Loss Laser Therapist to discuss the following topics:

  • Motivation
  • Baseline measurements
  • Goals
  • Program components/expectations
  • Role of the client
  • Role of the laser therapist
  • And your food intake

It is important to note that weight loss is a lifestyle change and as such motivation is a key factor in achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is similar to acupressure, except the treatment is done with a small Low Intensity Laser rather than needles, Since the treatment is completed entirely on the skin the procedure is 100% non-invasive and pain free.

Using Laser Therapy for weight loss produces natural effects that help to reach your goals. A laser is placed at different acupoints of the hands, face, nose, feet, and ears.

Our goal is to:

  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Control hunger cravings
  • Curb your appetite against simple carbohydrates
  • Increase your endorphin levels


There are many factors that may cause weight gain; unhealthy eating, hormonal imbalances, inactive lifestyle, stress, liver dysfunction, or emotional eating.

With the detox component of our program we aim to balance the typical organs that contribute to weight gain. We help by correcting internal body imbalances using vitamins, and natural supplements that encourage the body to go through own detox process. This is the first step to a successful weight loss program.

Supplements and Vitamins will be strongly suggested and are available to purchase at the clinics.

Backup Support

This is a safe and powerful stimulant to your system; results can be permanent and long lasting. Of course it’s only fair to say you need to continue living your new healthy lifestyle by keeping active and eating well.

With that in mind, once you reached your weight goal we offer the Laser Metabolism treatment at a reduced rate to reward you for all your hard work.

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