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Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Laser Therapy for Pain Management

Our revolutionary way of using Low Intensity Laser Therapy is utilized to reduced inflammation, decrease pain, and accelerate healing.

Low Intensity Laser Therapy uses light energy to promote healing within an injured area. This light energy enters the cells around the injury and increases its metabolism. It’s a safe and non-toxic method to decrease inflammation, and in turn decrease pain.

Short term effects:

  • Beta-endorphins are produced and released (These are natural pain killers that the body releases that hold back the sensation of pain).
  • The body produces more Cortisol (Cortisol controls inflammation, and helps with physical stress associated with trauma or illness).

Long term effects:

  • The body makes more Adenosine Triphosphate (More ATP means better working cells, ATP acts as the body’s fuel)
  • More DNA is produced, DNA works as the body’s building blocks, when the body is injured DNA is used to help repair the tissue
  • More serotonin is released into the body (Serotonin is a feel good chemical of the body that helps with sleep, concentration, and mood) and acetylecholine (More acetylecholine means the communication of two cells is easier)
  • Increased production of healthy cells
  • Improvement in collagen fibers (Strings of fibers that act like a band aid over injuries)
  • Newer blood vessels are formed

Other Effects:

  • Body’s immune system is excited
  • Lymphatic drainage is improved
  • Body makes more growth hormone to help heal
  • And by accelerating the body’s healing processes, there is a relief of symptoms

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