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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. As a Healthmedica franchisee do I have to be active in the business?

As a Healthmedica franchisee you don’t have to be active in the business, however you must have a full time business manager who has successfully completed all the training courses and is actively involved in the day to day operation of the Clinic. We strongly encourage our franchisees to take an active role in running and growing their clinic.

2. As a Healthmedica franchisee do I need to be an experienced health care professional?

No, Healthmedica will assist you in identifying and recruiting experienced healthcare professionals and contract service providers should you so required. As a Healthmedica franchisee your primary responsibilities will be the marketing of your clinic within your local community and ensuring your staff are providing the experience your patients deserve.

How do I decide on a location for my clinic?

Most franchisees want to locate in communities in which they are familiar and have determined there is a demand for the Healthmedica services. We will utilize the real estate broker community to identify potential locations, review them together and agree upon which ones are suitable to move forward upon. The Healthmedica team must approve the fi nal location.

4. How long is the franchise agreement?

The franchise agreement provides a ten year period to operate the clinic in a specific location.

5. How much is the initial investment?

The estimated cost to open a new clinic depends upon the actual size of the clinic. Typically a new clinic cost ranges from $219,000 - $343,000. Detailed cost breakdowns are included in the franchise disclosure document.

6. What is the initial franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee is $25,000 and is due upon signing the franchise agreement.

7. Are there royalties and marketing fees?

The royalties are 5% of gross sales, and franchisees are expected to spend 3% of sales on local marketing initiatives.

8. Does equipment and supplies have to be purchased from Healthmedica?

Yes, Healthmedica has created proven supplier networks to ensure all clinics can provide a consistent experience, and to take advantage of group buying opportunities.

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